Indonesia's Best Restaurants

3 May 2012


Seribu rasa is well-known for its South East Asian cuisine. Start your meal off right with Oriental Seafood Cakwee, Udang Gulung Tempo Doeloe or Squid Satay Labuan. For seafood lovers, Fried Jurong Fish Tamiang, Gulai Fish-Head Tasik and Butter Jumbo Prawn Pelabuhan are good choices to try. For meat lovers, theri Thai Grilled Boneless Chicken Legs, Dendeng Balado Dua Rasa, Mandailing Beef Curry and Lamb Honey Sauce are excellent choices. Leave some room for their rich and creamy desserts : Es Campur Seribu rasa, Ketan Durian Malaka, Klapertaart Sunda Kelapa, Singkong Gondo Arum. For those more thirsty than famished, have a glass of Semilir Brastagi, Singgasana Cooler, or Pineapple Lychee Slush.


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